Cousineau Packaging Inc. offers a Preventive Maintenance Program and regular repair services.


  • With the ever growing usage of stretch wrap we have observed that:More units are going into branch plants and warehouses that do not have in-house mechanics or electricians to do regular preventive checks on equipment.
  • With the advances made in the industry (pre-stretch, stretch expanders, etc.) units are becoming more complicated and expensive, resulting in higher service bills for repairs if regular preventive maintenance is not performed.
  • Even companies with their own in-house staff often do not have the expertise to spot minor wear and correct it before it turns into a breakdown, resulting in an expensive repair bill.

During a Preventive Maintenance, our service technician will check your machine (regardless of make or model) and perform the following operations:

  • Oiling, greasing and lubrication.
  • Tighten all nuts, bolts, gears, chains and electrical connections.Check for wear and abuse damage.
  • Check and recalibrate all systems to guarantee maximum operating efficiency.
  • Check and report on all consumable and moving parts.
  • Test line voltages and amperage draw. 

Terms & Conditions:

  •  Your contract labour rate is $90.00 per hour at regular time.  Any overtime is at prevailing rates.  Regular time is 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (excepting statutory holidays).
  • Travel is extra.
  • All parts are extra.
  • The customer may be required to provide fork truck assistance to remove and reinstall turntables etc.
  • Any emergency service is charged at the same rate as regular time.  Any overtime is charged at prevailing rates.