3300-A A-Arm Conveyorized

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Production Speed

  • 1-35 loads per hour
  • NOTE: Process rates will vary with load size, number of wraps & forklift load/unload time

Load Capacity

  • Maximum load weight: 4,000 lbs dynamic – 12,000 lbs static
  • Maximum load size: 48″ W x 48″ L (68″ max. load diagonal) x 70″ H (plus up to 2″ top overlap)


  • 72″ diameter 3/8″ thick laser-cut steel plate with 5″ skirt
  • Front and side cut-outs with UHMW flexible contouring for fork truck access
  • 6-point heavy duty ball bearing caster support system
  • ANSI # 60 direct chain drive c/w chain tensioner
  • 3-16 RPM rotational speed c/w soft start acceleration
  • 3/4 HP AC variable speed motor c/w turntable holding brake
  • Final revolution deceleration and positive stop alignment

Film Carriage Elevator

  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • ANSI #40 direct chain drive c/w shock dampener & Anti-Fall Safety Device
  • Maintenance free carriage guidance system

Film Delivery System

  • NEW Super Rapid Thread II ™ 20″ capacity pre-stretch film carriage
  • Special Film Threading Device – Uniquely orientates the sticky side of the film against the pre-stretch rollers and the inside of the load
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • Fully electronic dynamic dancer corner compensation
  • 33% to 313% fixed stretch capability
  • Pre-stretch ratio variable using easy sprocket change
  • Carriage Descent Obstruction Safety Shut-Off Device
  • Rapid Thread ™ Safety Door with auto power cut-off switch
  • Side mounted film carriage for operator convenience and safety
  • Superior film-to-roller contact area
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers
  • Powered Roller Conveyor
  • Basic system includes: 72″ dia. powered Process/Turntable section & 5 ft. Gravity Outfeed section

Turntable section includes:

  • Chain driven live roller conveyor rated 4,000 lbs per section
  • 2-1/2″ diameter 11 gauge rollers c/w 11/16″ hex axles on 3″ centers
  • ANSI # 40 roller to roller chain drive
  • 50″ effective roller width
  • Conveyor speed variable up to 30 FPM with electronic soft start
  • Pass-line height – 16-1/2″ from floor to top of rollers
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed moto
  • 115 Volts 1 Phase 60 Hz 20 Amps

Automation Features

  • “All Electric – No Pneumatics Required”
  • “Patent Pending” Cousins exclusive patent pending A-Arm film cut and hold device starts and ends the wrap process at the top of the load. This uniquely different approach to attaching and cutting the stretch film provides you with these benefits:
  • Selectable top banding capability
  • Stabilizes the load early in the wrap cycle
  • Places the ending film tail at the top of the load instead of the bottom
  • There is no film clamp on the turntable that can be damaged by debris or operator error – eliminates the need for a film clamp power source on the turntable for easier maintenance
  • Load placement on the turntable is not critical
  • No air hook-ups or noisy compressors
  • Automatic First Revolution Load Scanning Safety Feature detects uneven or partial stacked top layers and automatically adjusts A-Arm height clear of obstructions
  • A-Arm Anti-Fall Safety Device

Control Features

  • PANASONIC PLC with Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Power Off – On – Reset switch & Power On indicator light
  • Cycle Pause for applying top sheets
  • Reinforce Wrap control for mid-wrapping
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Turntable Jog button
  • Film Carriage Lower & Raise buttons
  • Eject Load (Turntable Conveyor Jog) button
  • Film tension (Force-to-Load) control
  • Separate film carriage raise & lower speed controls
  • Variable turntable speed control
  • Triple beam auto load height sensing photo-eye, detects dark or shiny loads
  • Separate 1 to 12 revolution top & bottom wrap control
  • Selectable Reduced Film Tension parameters for wrapping top and/or bottom of load
  • Gravity conveyor full photo-eye
  • Broken film/out of film detection c/w automatic machine reset
  • Beacon light indicates run, clear or fault conditions
  • Wireless remote start/stop control – optional lanyard, pendant or pedestal control station available
  • 3 wrap modes: automatic spiral wrapping / automatic top banding / semi-automatic – 3 machines in one!
  • NEMA 12 control panel enclosure Non-proprietary UL/CSA approved components
  • Machine tower with sheet metal covers
  • Electro-static powder coated paint finish